Writing and e-Publishing software for windows 10


Writing and e-publishing software for windows 10 comprising a chapter based word processor with powerful CSS formatting

An easy to use tool to help writers organise their writing with built in features to make e-publishing more user friendly

Very affordable with 30 day free trial of all features

Everything you need to write and publish eBooks on Amazon and anywhere else

Writing software for windows 10

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Who is Scrollistic for

It is designed for authors of print books (novels and non-fiction)

It is especially of use for people who want to publish eBooks as Scrollistic has completely automated the process to make e-publishing much easier


A streamlined word processor with spell checking and simple formatting (bold, italic and underscore).

Dynamic Character Notes. A configurable character sheet using our unique trait system

A notepad where you can place and organise ideas, snippets of description and dialogue, research notes and active weblinks

A chapter management feature which enables you to create, name, rename and move around chapters as your plot develops

Write and store outlines for each chapter

A ClipList feature enabling you to move blocks of text easily without the worry of losing anything

Automatic backups and autosave to ensure you don't lose your work

Import you existing documents in plain text or RTF.

An option to set your target daily word count and get alerted when reached.

The generation of lightweight, clean HTML5 to make publishing and e-publishing easier

Scrollistic is native windows 10 software. It's fast and updates automatically

E-publishing features

Produces EPUB 3 files with EPUB 2 fallback.

Full integration with Kindlegen (separate download required) generating MOBI files.

Default CSS style with the option to edit if you prefer

Automatic generation of live Table of Contents

Generate hyperlinked Indexes for your eBook


Install from the windows 10 store. Scrollistic is a native windows 10 app.