Writing software for windows 10

Scrollistic is a native windows 10 writing and e-publishing app available only from the windows 10 store. If you are thinking of writing a novel or some other chapter based book, Scrollistic has everything you need to plan, write and then either selfpublish as an eBook or hand your manuscript over to a publisher.

Versatile writing software for any kind of writing. From note taking to roughing out a long forum post, you can use Scrollistic in many possible ways. The document is chapter based but you can use each chapter as a divider to order your work. Switching between chapters, and performance in general, is fast even on the most basic windows 10 device.

New to writing and e-publishing ?

Traditionally the creation of a eBook has been a technical task usually involving editing HTML and creating metadata files by hand. Some software has been available which automates part of the process but manual editing of files was usually required at some stage.

Our writing software completely automates the whole process. Our default eBook settings produce fast, standards compliant eBooks complete with a working table of contents (including kindles) and even an index if you require one. We integrate with Amazons KindleGen eBook compiler to produce correctly formatted eBooks to upload to Kindle Direct Publishing. We also produce eBooks in EPUB3 format, the open standard for eBooks.

The story so far

Scrollistic is new, it was quietly released in late 2016 and has a steadily growing user base of early adopters. The initial feedback has been from good to glowing. New features have been added including some unique features not currently available in any other writing software.

I am a long time software developer and author of Practical Scriptwriter, a product for writing perfectly fomatted scripts for writers submitting to the BBC. It was released in 2005 and still enjoys a loyal userbase.

Many of the ideas and features in Practical Scriptwriter evolved and have been incorporated into what became Scrollistic. Producing a book involves many processes of which creativity is but one. Scrollistic automates many of these processes and leaves you free to write.

The future of writing software

But the journey is not over, Scrollistic has a planned features roadmap which includes new features not available anywhere else. The overall design includes a range of helpful and non prescriptive features for the writer to use or not depending on their style.

Jonathan Bird
Scrollistic developer