User manual

Where can I get Scrollistic.

Scrollistic is available from the Windows 10 Store only.

Is it only available for Windows 10.

Yes, Scrollistic is a native Windows Universal Application. It is initially being developed exclusively for windows 10.

Is there any hidden cost.

You can try all features free for 30 days before you are required to pay a one off modest fee. Don't be put off by the low cost, Scrollistic is an advanced writing tool with features not available in other writing software. To see an exact price for your country, visit the windows 10 store page.

About us

Scrollistic is a product of Practical Software Design (website)

The Future

Scrollistic is in active development and new features will be released as they become available. Scrollistic is a fresh look at how writing tools can support the writer. It contains new features not available in other writing software.

Suggestions ?

Scrollistic is a general purpose HTML generator. If it nearly does something you need please get in touch via the contact form. We intend to make Scrollistic as useful as possible.