Preparing to publish an eBook

If you want to create an MOBI eBook, you need to do the following before going to the "Generate HTML" section of Scrollistic.

Download and unzip Kindlegen manually from here

You also will need to provide a front cover image file and save it into you project folder with the name "cover.png".

Front Matter.

When you click "Generate HTML" you are taken to the Front Matter page where you specify Title, Author and any Copyright information you wish to include.

It also has an option to generate EPUB and MOBI eBooks. Scrollistic can integrate with Kindlegen (Amazon's free tool which builds a Kindle ebook or .mobi file).

If you have purchased the Scrollistic expansion pack you will also be able to include an index.

If you intend to print your document or print to PDF you do not need to generate any eBooks.

When you have completed this stage, click "Next" (top left)

If you opted to create an eBook you will now fill in the fields required.. When you have completed this stage, click "Next".


The styling screen allows you to choose a CSS style sheet for your document.

The standard ebook style will generate Kindle friendly HTML including a live table of contents. If you have a basic understanding of web design you can edit the default style should you need to.

When you are happy with this stage, click "Next" (top left)

Advanced use. We have also exposed the identifiers for certain elements of the generated HTML, such as the first paragraph in a chapter or the default paragraph. You can edit the style ID but ensure it corresponds to a style sheet entry or the style will be ignored.

For example, the default book title style id is "t200", so there must be a style entry with an ID of ".t200".

Filename and Kindlegen.

The final stage in the HTML generation is to assign a filename for the output file. If you wish to create an ebook using Kindlegen, this is where you tell Scrollistic where you have placed the unzipped Kindlegen.exe file.

Scrollistic cannot run Kindlegen automatically due to the Windows 10 security system. What we can do to help is to produce a file called "runkindlegen.bat". If you have told Scrollistic where kindlegen.exe is located we create a file to run it in your documents folder. All you have to do is double click the file from Windows Explorer and it will generate a .mobi file. There are security warnings you will have to allow if you have Windows Smartscreen turned on.

Security note - "Runkindlegen.bat" can be opened with windows noteped to view the contents before running it.

What files are produced

Scrollistic produces several files in the project folder: - The main project document.

yyyymmdd.daycount - The number of words in the document on the day specified. This should only be present for the current day.

statistics.history - Word counts over time, used to power the statistics graph.

kindlegen.log - The output text file from the kindlegen process.

YOURNAME.html - The generated HTML. (YOURNAME is the file name you entered during the HTML generation phase.) This file is overwritten by Scrollistic. If you want to manually edit the HTML, move it or copy it to another folder first.

YOURNAME.epub - If you opted to produce an EPUB file.

Other Files

cover.png This is the image file for the front cover of your EPUB or MOBI file. You will have to provide this yourself.

Proofreading and Printing.

Once HTML generation is complete you can open the file and see the formatted document in your default web browser. You can also print it from your browser.

If you want to produce a PDF file of your document. Open it in your default browser and select "Microsoft print to PDF" as the printer. You can then enter a save file name and save the PDF file.